March 26, 2015 CFO Agency

You’re not! Are You?…

You’re not!  Are you?….

Still charging by the hour?

If you are, I get it.  I did for years.  And even when I made the shift to charging based on value, I started out doing it just for some of our services and not others.

While making this shift is what allowed me to add an additional six figures in revenue to my company in under one year, it took me longer to begin to look at my entire company in this light.

You may be asking yourself, “how do I know if my company is a candidate for this?”

You may be in an industry where, “it’s always been done this way” or, “it’s what my clients expect”.

Believe me I had those same conversations running through my mind.

The first step is making a decision.  A decision that you do deserve to be compensated for the work that you do.  And not just some of it – ALL OF IT!  I can’t tell you how much I was giving away for free for way too many years.

AND I can walk you through a step by step process to analyze the value of what you are providing for your clients.  Remember, even though you may be providing a similar kind of service as someone else in your industry, I can guarantee you that no one else is providing it in the exact same way you are!  You are an individual with unique experiences in life and a unique way of looking at things.

Once you understand your value the next step is learning how to put your offerings together in a new way, priced to truly reflect the value you provide.  Take a moment now and think about a client who is your ideal client.  What was the impact working with you had on their life.  How did it impact them financially?  How did it impact their health and well being?  How did it impact their relationships?

Pretty powerful to look at your work in that light isn’t it!

Now, let’s get you compensated at the level you deserve so you can truly build the business you desire and live the life you deserve.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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