May 25, 2021 CFO Agency, Mindset, Money, Peace of Mind, Systems

Your Money Bucket

There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza!

Ok maybe I’m dating myself and I am sure for those of us who do remember the song it brings playful thoughts to mind.

Do you ever feel like there must be a hole in your money bucket?

That money seems to be leaking out somewhere and you just aren’t sure where the hole is?

I know that for me when I am feeling like that, the hole is in one of three places.

Mindset:  What is going on with my thinking that is either keeping me blind? To what is happening or not allowing me to see a better way?

Systems:  What am I not getting from my reporting that if I had it would allow me to change what is happening?

Support:  Am I truly getting what I need from my team and how could we operate better, knowing I am 50% of the conversation?


Maybe you can relate to John’s story:

John had been doing his own accounting and as his company grew, he hired someone to come in and help with the bookkeeping and paper flow piece.

When it came time to file his taxes, he looked at his profit and loss and balance sheets and knew something was not right.  He took his numbers to his CPA who told him it would not be a good idea to file his taxes based on that information.  He was showing a profit of $500K+ and John knew that was not right.

John’s CPA recommended he reach out to us.  The good news is all the information had been entered into John’s QuickBooks file.  The bad news was it was not set up properly for  they kind of company John had and nothing had been reconciled so there was no way of knowing if in fact everything was present.

We were able to gather the information needed to set up John’s chart of accounts so his reporting was meaningful for him and his company.  We reconciled everything giving his company a second set of eyes on his financials so there were good checks and balances to ensure accuracy and compliance.

We saved John $1000s of tax dollars, more than paying for our services not to mention making his CPA’s job easier for accurate tax strategy and filing.

Now John has the financial support he needs to have an accurate picture of his company so he can make good financial decisions all year long AND not pay too much in tax.

If you think this is the kind of support you could use give us a call at (406)-257-6044, we are here to help.

In Abundance,



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