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Your Financial Mess

Your Financial Mess

Are you wondering if it’s even possible to get “your financial mess” into order?

Are you nervous that once you do it will be too much to deal with emotionally?

If yes, you are not alone. This is the number one reason most people wait too long to establish financial management systems.

I know for myself it is so much easier to live in the big picture, casting the vision and brainstorming the strategies and tactics for achieving the vision. Then connecting with my clients in meaningful ways, supporting their work in the world comes next.

Over time, I have learned the hard way that what trips me up the most and causes the most setbacks is not paying attention to the details.

It is the little things that, when not paid attention to, will bite the hardest at the most inopportune time in ways we could never imagine.

The way we overcome this is with systems and structures that handle the details for us and give us the information in ways that is meaningful so we can use it to inform our daily actions. Our financial
management systems are one of the most important.

So what kind of reporting do you need to be able to make decisions about how to invest your time and your team’s time for the greatest ROI. We all know that a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet are the key items when it comes to financial reporting but what about everything else?

Knowing that you are looking at accurate reports and knowing which reports will give you the information you need for the goals that you have is why we created the “Establish Your Financial
Footprint Course”.

We will help you to tap into your courage and connect with your financial reporting in meaningful ways so you won’t get tripped up with your money. Did you know most of what you are looking at in your reporting today is as a result of actions 90 days ago? Let us help you create the systems that will be best for you so there are fewer surprises.

You can learn more about it HERE.

Having systems that are set up right the first time will save you time and money in the long run. I look forward to connecting you with your numbers so your days can run a little smoother.

In Abundance,



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