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Your Business and Your Goals

Does this sound like you…

You have grown your company to a level of success that includes team and consistent revenues. 

You are doing a great job. 

You know the service you provide is unique and brings value that is not paralleled in the market place.

Yet… your bottom line is not reflecting a business where you win too.

When we are passionate about the work that we do often watching the bottom line is not something we do.

At least not until we either begin to get tired or we are not funded well enough to be able to continue.

This week, I was visiting with a powerful woman, one whose presence is of true care for her clients. 

She understands that getting this money piece figured out is what is going to allow her to continue to do the work that is on her heart to do.

So where do we start? 

The process is the same for everyone, but the implementation is unique to you and your business and your goals.

First, we need to understand where you are, I refer to this as your baseline. 

·         What does it truly take to get your service out the door, both financially and from a time stand point? 

·         What systems do you have in place to make this happen?

·         What support do you have in place? 

·         What strategies are you using and what kind of an ROI are you getting from them?

Next, we want to get really clear on where you want to go. 

I often ask for the sake of what are you doing all this? 

The money is for something, let’s get really clear on what that is, not only for today but for tomorrow too.

Now comes the fun part…  What do you need to do first, second and third to close the gap?

·         This is where I find most people go into overwhelm and fear. 

·         How is it possible? 

I’ve tried it all already and nothing has worked how will this time be different? 

It truly is a test of faith, faith in yourself and faith in your vision.

Do either of these stories sound like you?

1.       Linda came to me going into the red every year… she would have a successful year and then have to write a big check to the government and end up in the red.  Once we dug into her baseline, we were able to come up with a plan to close the gap from going into the red each year, and were able to increase her profitability by 400%. 

This took us 2 years of pulling apart numbers, enrolling team members in new strategies for achieving the vision where they were able to benefit too and instituting new financial management strategies that were easy to track, and as a result easy to stay on target with. 

2.       Sherrie came to me with a division of her company that was making a 2% profit margin.  In six months, that division was turned around to a 36% profit margin.  How?  By diving in with an open mind and support from someone who is holding your vision like you are.  That is the role of a CFO.  That is what we do!

If 2019 is the year you truly want to turn the money piece around let’s talk and see if we are a good fit. 

Your time will be well spent even if we don’t work together you will know your best next step. 

What would you do with an increase in your bottom line?  The money is for something!

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