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You too can be a Financial Management Master! What is your Why?

Are you getting ready? Spring is coming! So is March Madness! (Yes, NCAA Basketball; I was referring to finishing your taxes and building wealth).
You too can be a Financial Management Master! 
What would it be like if you knew you could begin eliminating debt, build wealth and not worry or argue over money? Let’s start Spring 2013 off with a Plan and System to get you into abundance and financial freedom.
Let me tell you about Cecilia and Danny. In March of 2012, they had over $350,000 in debt. They began a program that helped them identify their fastest path to becoming debt free without refinancing or finding more money.  They are now, 12 months later 9 years ahead of schedule for paying off that debt.  They have extra cash at the end of the month instead of extra month at the end of their cash. The secret that wealthy individuals and business know is available to you now.  The secret is taking action and using a system.
So why do you want to be a master in the area of financial management?  Change is always born out of a new why.  Here are some questions to think about why you would want to become a Financial Management Master:
·      I want a written financial plan for the next 12 months
·      I want my financial statements current and ready for review
·      I want to be comfortable reading financial statements
·      I want to know where every penny of my family/ business spending goes
·      I want to be able to contribute time and money to the interests I am passionate about (Charity, Spiritual, Community Groups)
·      I want to provide for my Children’s Education
·      I want to take the vacations we desire
·      I want to have my debt paid in full by the date I desire
·      I want my Retirement Plans to be secure and sufficient by the age I desire
·      I want to leave a legacy
What is your why?  Once you have this answer then the FUN begins!

In Abundance,


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