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You are always at choice!

Feedback is a marvelous thing.

Thanks Sue, I definitely found some resonance in this talk.

This was very helpful.
Thank you for this gift.
It lets us know the way others perceive what we are offering. With this information we can know whether or not we are conveying the message we wanted to or not. Now we are at choice!
If the message we wanted to convey is in fact being reflected back to us we have a home run. If not then we can decided to make changes.
I am so excited to be receiving the above feedback from The Mastery of Money – Your Roadmap to Financial Independence Today. It lets me know we are on track. Providing our listeners with just what they were looking for! A home run!
Messaging and marketing are important when it comes to growing your business. I used to think I had to have my messaging nailed down with a fine tooth comb and the truth is it grows and changes as I do. Every time I work with a client, every time I experience new learning, every new connection I foster, all plays a part in how I continue to grow and develop my business. I mix each of those with my unique gifts and skills to come up with my message.
I have always said that money is one of our greatest teachers and working in this area is a passion for me. Learning is a lifelong process and the more we learn about a topic the more we learn there is to learn! That is the joy of mastery. What area of your business are you passionate about? What is the message you are sharing? Start sharing it now. Don’t wait to figure it all out. Let me know what you’ve learned in the comments below!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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