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Wow Did I Mess Up!

Wow did I mess up!

Many of you know that I am training for my first ever 1/2 marathon in August.  I am part of a group of ladies that inspire me, and who keep me moving forward with my training.

On Saturday, I registered for a 10K race.  The purpose for this race was to have the experience of a longer race, to do my personal best with time, and to keep my training going.  Saturday’s are our day to practice endurance.

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning here in Montana – sunshine, not a cloud in our big sky and 60 degrees (perfect for me :))

A month ago I had registered for a 5k, and in that race everyone started and finished at the same place regardless of what distance you were doing.

Soooooooooooooo………. When I saw a group of people at a starting line I joined in.

Well about a mile in from the markers along the road I figured out what I had done.  I had started at the wrong part of the race.  Needless to say I was really mad at myself.  Why?

I didn’t ask enough questions of the right people to get the information I needed to achieve the goal I had set for myself.

What did I do?

I crossed the 5K finish line and turned around and went all the way back to the starting line – this way I did complete 10K.  I managed to take the situation and salvage what I could to stay on track for the goals that I had.

Did I achieve all my goals.  NO.

And for that I was truly disappointed.  However in light of my bigger goal of completing a 1/2 marathon in August, I did stay on track.

So I ended up happy with how my thinking has grown, and I handled the situation rather than letting it stop me.  Did I learn some things – you bet.  The most important of which was not asking enough questions.

You see most of my life I have operated as a lone wolf.  And true to form reaching a goal this way takes a lot longer and is a lot lonelier (no one else was headed back to the starting line).

In my business, in my home life, and in my work, the times of greatest joy and greatest accomplishment are when I am working with a coach, a team, my family.  There is this thing called synergy that happens.

1+1 = 3

Where do you have synergy in your life and where are you taking the long lonely road as a lone wolf?

Believe me it is a lot more fun and results are created a lot faster when you connect with others in the process.  Ahh the lessons in life continue 🙂

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