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Women, Power and Money

Women, Power and Money

There was a time when those three words would never have been in a sentence together, at least not publicly.  There are many female role models in history who did have power and often over saw large sums of money but you have to dig to find them and to learn their stories.

This heritage plays a part in how women embrace their own power and embrace a healthy relationship with money today so they can truly live out their calling in the world.  If you have been following me for some time you will often hear me say that things that are on your heart to accomplish in your lifetime are a unique and special gift for you.  How you desire to achieve them is also your gift.

Too often I hear a sadness when it comes to dreams and goals that is accompanied by “but I don’t have the money”.  Money becomes the limiting factor to achieving your dreams and goals on your terms.

What if learning to manage money was a similar process to learning how to own your power?

Where would you turn to begin to learn how women do this differently than men?  Where would you turn to learn how you personally would do it differently than your neighbor?  You see there are more ways to accomplish your goals and dreams in this lifetime than any of us have time to accomplish them all.  So learning what will work uniquely for you is the key.

At our recent CFO retreat we spent an entire day on money relationship.  There are two ways all of us embrace money, our nature, the way in which we personally respond to the world and our nature, the life experiences that inform how we respond to the world.  Most of us operate with these unconsciously so we went through a series of exercises to bring these things into conscious awareness.

Awareness is an amazing gift for all of us.  It is what puts us in the driver’s seat, what allows us to answer the question “how’s that working for you”?  Once we can honestly answer that question then we can either make a change or keep things as they are.

If it’s a change you are looking for I encourage you to find a mentor or a leader in history who can help you to explore new ways to embrace your power and specifically your relationship with money.  Money is a very powerful tool in the world and a great teacher for all of us. Be sure to share in the comments who those mentors are so we can all learn from them!

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