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Will I Have Enough?

Will I Have Enough?


This is a question I am often asked when it comes to money.

It is actually a great question and it is answered with more questions 🙂

Money is a tool that is used to provide the kind of lifestyle we are looking for.  Each of us defines lifestyle by the choices we make in how we spend our money.  Most of us think about things like the house we live in or the car we drive, maybe the vacations we take.

Lifestyle choices also depend on how we spend our time.

For example, are you a lone ranger, doing everything by yourself?  After all, in the time it would take you to explain and train someone else you could have just done it yourself right!

Choosing to bring on team is actually a lifestyle choice.  How do you want to spend your time?  What are the activities and actions that at the end of day will leave you feeling fulfilled.  What kind of business are you building – a solopreneur or an enterprise.  Will you have help with household things, administrative things, technical things?

As an entrepreneur we are making decisions every day about how to spend our time.  The truth is just because we are good at something or because we can do something does not mean that we should.

Once you have clarity on the lifestyle you are creating then we can put numbers to it.  From this place we can create a step by step plan to achieve the lifestyle you desire.  You will know what to say yes to and what to say no to based on your goals and where you are today.

Ready to confidently answer YES, I will have enough!   We can help you with the numbers so you can confidently know what to do next with your time to truly achieve the lifestyle you desire.

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PS  YES is a peace of mind answer.  Are you ready?

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