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What is the money for?


A question they say never to ask a child.  Why?  

Why did that happen that way?

Why do think that way?

Why do you want that?

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t explore the why because it truly calls upon us to think deeply.  To reflect and discern the things that are important to us and the reason they are important.

So in our world we ask the question a little differently.  Rather than ask “why do you want the money?” we ask “What is the money for? “.

The clearer you can be about what the money is truly for the more likely you are to create it.  What kind of business do you want to create, how big a reach do you want to have, what kind of lifestyle do you want to live along the way, what exit strategy do you desire, what ways do you want your money to work for you…….

The next step after creating it is learning how to play the game based on the choices you have made.

There are as many ways to play the game as there are people and we want to be sure to create a game that is customized to you.  One that will create ease for you and allow you to sleep at night. One that fits your values and your long term goals as well as starts with you exactly where you are today.

Yes there are tried and true steps and rules for each kind of game.  It’s not just enough to identify the game, there must be a willingness to learn and then master the game.  And as is true for all games there are multiple levels of mastery.  

It all starts with a very clear answer to why?  For the sake of what do you want to play this game?

The clearer you can be the more we can support you with systems and structures that are tailor made for you. 

Need some help getting clear? Our CFO review can help you to uncover the clues that will help.

During this time of year, as you are preparing for tax filing and maybe looking at the last year for the first time, ask yourself how clear you were at the beginning of last year.  How might your year have been different had you had clarity that informed the actions that you took?

Book your CFO Review today and knock 2020 out of the park.

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