August 14, 2014 Accounting, Journey, Mindset

Who Is Whispering In Your Ear?

Who is whispering in your ear?

Do you have a vision for your life?  A dream of what you want to bring to the world.

The truth is most of us do.  The sad part is too many people listen to other peoples voices rather than the one that is truly their own unique inspiration.

If becoming an entrepreneur is something that tugs at your heartstrings, then I say go for it.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a choice.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is yet another choice.

Being at choice is where there is freedom in your life.

Fear is the thing that stops many people from achieving their dreams.  It stops them from taking the actions necessary for achieving their dreams.

Fear of what others will think of me is the biggest one.  One of my mentors has this question, “If you were no longer afraid of what others would think of you what would you do?”

We are fearful of what our loved ones will think if we succeed, and what they will think if we fail.  We are fearful of what people will think if we take a stand for something.  We are fearful of leaving people out.

Regardless of the fear it typically comes with a voice that is whispering in our ear.  A voice that may not even be real any more but one we give a lot of power to.

Successful people still have those voices too, they just choose not to listen to them.  They choose to take the actions any way.  They choose to find a way, to learn a new skill, to take a new training, to try a new methodology.

And remember choice is where freedom is!

So as an entrepreneur with the power to choose, what actions will you take?

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