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Who Do You Identify With?

Who Do You Identify With?

So you want to make more money.


Imagine your life with no money issues.  You have a consistent flow of money coming in that is greater than any amount you can spend.  Can you picture it?   Can you feel it?

Now what comes to mind?

For some of us this is where others come to mind.  The people, places and causes that tug at our heart strings.

Did something come to mind for you?

Do you truly know in your heart it is possible?

Sometimes, when we are in a place of scarcity nothing will come to mind, or if it does it is quickly dismissed.

Making money just for the sake of making money is something some people can do very well for quite a period of time, however it’s not a very fulfilling way to live.  In my experience these people typically feel very disconnected from others.  They may even see others as less than for not being able to make money like they do.  Typically they will micromanage their money and everyone around them.   What is really going on is a fear of losing the money they have.

I know there have been times in my life when I have been in this camp.

Here is what I know.  When I stay focused on my bigger why for making money, it is a lot more fun and things happen with a sense of ease that has nothing to do with fear.

This is where there is juice in life.  Where I get stretched in my thinking.  Where I choose to courageously take new actions.

What has helped me to stay in vision and out of scarcity is to have confidence in my ability to manage the money that I am creating.  You see whether you have a lot or a little money doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that you learn how to manage it so you can handle more.  This takes us back to our why.  Why do you want more?

I have found that there are three phases of creating money:

Phase one is making enough money to manage your daily life so you are truly living the lifestyle you desire.  And doing this from abundance, not scarcity.  If in this place you are finding yourself micromanaging, take a step back and ask yourself, ” What is this really about?”.  This is where we can get caught in the trap of making money just to make money because we are “supposed” to.   Where we are afraid to believe in the reality of our dreams.

Phase two is learning how to make money work for you so are free to do new things.  This is a very exciting and expansive time.  A time of learning new systems and expanding your team and your reach.

Phase three is living into the legacy of your dream.  The impact that will be around long after you are.

We have the pleasure of working with people in each one of these phases.  I am always so inspired by the dreams people have and their willingness to take on this thing called money.

Money is truly a great teacher for each of us.  It is the thing that makes our world go around, and we deal with it from the first time someone gives us a quarter as a child until the day we die.

What is your lesson with money today?

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