August 27, 2020 Change, Mindset

Who are you surrounded by?

Who are you surrounded by?

We have all heard we become like those we surround ourselves with.  This week I had an opportunity to connect with a group of women entrepreneurs, all seasoned in their professions, who are not just passionate about their work but also highly successful with it.

It was inspiring to share, to listen and to learn from one another.  We were encouraged to think about the things we will not be taking into 2021 with us and the things we want to rock in 2021.

It was refreshing to hear about the blessings of 2020 rather than the drudgery we hear daily in the news about how we are all victims.

These amazing women used the change in life to better themselves and their companies.

How are you doing?

What will you be taking into 2021, and what will you leave in 2020?

If you find yourself surrounded by people who are living in fear and scarcity I encourage you to find a community who is having a different conversation.  My hat is off to Chris and Martha, 2 very dear friends, who have created a community called Lead Her Up.

You can learn more about it here.

In Abundance,



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