September 17, 2020 Bookkeeper, CFO Agency, Money, Numbers, Taxes

Where is Your Money Hiding?

The tax season has lasted all year this year.

For some that has been a good thing, for others it simply delayed the inevitable.  The last minute scrambling is simply taking place now rather than last spring.

Are you finding that what you owe is more than you had hoped?

At this point the only hope for reducing your liability is finding more write offs and the question is where are they hiding?

For most of our clients we handle both their corporate bookkeeping as well as their personal bookkeeping for two reasons:
  1. We typically pay for ourselves finding all the allowable write offs that our clients were not even aware were allowed.
  2. We can ensure you are keeping more of the money you are making and that your money is working for you instead of you working for it.

We are all creatures of habit when it comes to how we spend (or invest) our money.  We make decisions every day of what is a business expense and what is a personal expense without much thought.  Typically the decisions are made by the way we have always done it or how we think others do it.

The tax laws change every year.

Your income levels change every year.

Your lifestyle changes every year.

Who is in your corner asking the questions about how the changes impact you? 

Who is asking the questions so that you can stay on track for your long term goals and not just do the same thing over and over year after year?

That is the service we provide our clients.  This week we are working with a client to reduce his $37,000 tax liability by over half with the allowable write offs we are finding in his personal accounting.  We have a plan for how those funds can be used to set him and his family up to win for years to come by using that money strategically rather than just writing a check to the government.

What could your money be doing for you?  We are happy to help you find it!  Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can do that for you.

In Abundance,



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