June 6, 2018 Bookkeeper, Business

What Makes A Good Bookkeeper?

How confident are you in the team you have working for you?

When investing in your team members, do you know what the return is on your investment?

Sometimes it is… 

1. Freeing you up, allowing you to spend more time in your zone of genius

2. Finally getting things done that were previously being left behind.

3. Peace of mind knowing things are finally being done properly.


We find people choose to engage the services of bookkeeping for one of those three reasons.


If you are currently working with a bookkeeper, on a scale of 1-10 how do you feel about their work?

A 10 rating means you are feeling really confident in their work, and feeling supported.

A 1 rating means you often wake up at night wondering if things are really being handled right.

What makes a good bookkeeper? 

We strive for the following:

Accuracy – information is being recorded with accuracy

Timeliness – reconciliations are completed monthly and reports are produced monthly

AR Managed – solid systems are in place to manage and record inflows

AP Managed – solid systems are in place to manage outflows, allowing for cash flow management

Deductions are maximized – when it’s time for taxes, your books are prepared, ready and all the right questions were asked to ensure you keep most of the money you make

How are you feeling with each of these areas?

If you would like to explore what it would be like for you to have this support, let’s have a conversation!

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