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What is your level of resistance?

What is your level of resistance?

When it comes to learning new things we all have a level of resistance that sounds something like this – new things are hard, messy, and possibly irrelevant. Have you ever tried to a new hair style? The hairdresser does this amazing job. You look great walking out of the salon but the next morning after your shower you can’t remember how to make it happen. So what do you do? Well you try and each day it gets easier and better and finally your friends are complimenting you on your great hair style!

Financial literacy is no different. Truth; you never have to know more than basic math – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Once you begin down the road of learning it. It will build on itself and it won’t be long before the things that initially felt hard and messy are all of a sudden old hat and you are ready to build on them with additional ideas and tools.

Financial literacy is a learned skill. What that means for each of us is that it is possible for us too. It does not matter how old we are, how much money we have in the bank or what our work is, we can learn this.

So why would you want to learn financial literacy? They say money can’t buy you happiness. In my experience money touches every area of our lives. When we are not driving the bus it is driving us, taking up time and energy that we could be using to create the things and experiences in our lives that truly bring us joy.

Two of my favorite authors for financial literacy are Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Loral Langemeier, author of The Millionaire Maker.

“Most wealth is inconspicuous. The man down the street driving the nice car and living in the mansion could easily have greater debt and a lower net worth than the stealthy and wealthy plumber who drives a beat-up truck but seems to work only when he doesn’t feel like fishing.” Loral Langemeier

“We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them.” Robert Kiyosaki

Invest in learning. Learning can come in many forms: reading, webinars, classes, or coaching. For a lot of us, finances can be a scary topic. Fear is nothing more than a lack of knowledge on a topic. With the Internet today the world of knowledge is at our fingertips. Begin to explore.
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