August 12, 2021 Money, Plan, Wealth

What is the money really for?

When I am able to get to this point in a conversation with a client it is really interesting how often there is a huge pause. Most of us are so busy taking care of today that thinking about tomorrow rarely enters our minds. And, let’s be honest, if you are truly focused on wealth development there will come a point when you have enough, and what is left is thinking about your legacy or what the money is really for!

You see it’s never about the money, or a number, it’s about what the money does. The life experiences, the kind of business you build and how it operates, the impact on our families, communities, and yes, the world. Money is just a tool.

I have a client who truly began his financial journey focused on what the money is for rather than taking care of today first. He is so passionate when he speaks about his vision and dreams. It’s humbling to listen to the journey his family has taken, all in service to their dreams. It’s inspiring to hear how his never-ending commitment to being of service first is now bringing relationships that are helping to accelerate his work.

Have you ever met someone like that?

Money is truly a great teacher for all of us. It can stretch us in ways we never thought possible. Whether it’s figuring out how to keep the lights on or whether it’s deciding on our passion and how money will be the tool to accelerate that passion, there will be learning involved.  Money management, money mindset, and money support systems.  

There is a definite path to the steps required for creating wealth and how you travel those steps is as individual as you are.

This year at our CFO Players Club Retreat we will be focusing on the question, “What is the money really for?” Then we will spend time uncovering the path each participant will take to get there. Thinking you might be ready for this conversation? Let’s talk and see if now is the right time for you.


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