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What Is Lifestyle?

What Is Lifestyle?

If you were to think about the REAL reason you do what you do, what would it be?

When I am asked that question my mind goes to the really big pictures I have.  I have a dream…

The 2008 banking debacle in my opinion was shameful.  What it did to so many people could have truly been avoided if two things had been in place.  One, more integrity in the banking industry, and two, individuals who are better educated in the arena of money management.

The truth is, we are never really taught about how to manage money.

What that means is unless we had the good fortune of  learning from a family member or a mentor, most of us learn how to manage money from others who were also never taught.  Even if you went to school and studied business and finance what you are learning is theory from people who also have never learned to manage money.

So I am on a mission to teach people how to connect with their numbers and learn how to manage this tool called money, so they can truly live the life they deserve and desire.


You see the money is always for something.  That something is what I call lifestyle.  Each of us gets to define what that is for us:

The kind of home we live in, the kind of car we drive, the nature of travel we do, how much money we keep in the bank, how much support we have in our home and our business.  Each of these choices is grounded in our beliefs and our habits when it comes to money management.

There are skills sets and mind sets around money management, and the good news with each is they can be learned and developed.

Begin to paint the REAL reason you do what you do.  Then think about what needs to shift in order to achieve it.

Letting go of what you truly desire in your heart is not the answer.  Learning the skills to achieve what is in your heart is what will bring alignment and peace to you.

If this is your year to tackle money management then don’t go it alone!  We are here to accelerate your results.  Book an appointment now and let’s get you on the path to living the lifestyle you desire!

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