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What I Learned on a Nude Beach!

What I learned on a nude beach!

nudebeachI was visiting with my friend Nikki, and we were laughing so hard remembering our walk on what turned out to be a nude beach.  To get to this beach we had to walk down a long set of steep stairs.  When we reached the beach Nikki turned and said, “Well, I guess the nude beach does come up this far!”.

And yes……

Everywhere you looked there were many nude bodies.

We chose to go for our walk anyway.  The day was beautiful, and besides we had just walked down A LOT of steep stairs.

What was so interesting was that the beach was 90% male.  Some sunning themselves, but most of them showcasing themselves.  If they were looking to hook up with a woman, the odds were not in their favor!

It’s a numbers game, like so many aspects in business!

If you feel like there is only one person in your data base to call, you will not feel like the odds are in your favor for making a sale.

If you think you only have a limited amount of money to run your business with, you will not think the odds are in your favor for running a successful business.

If you feel like you don’t have the knowledge, skills or connections to create a successful business, the odds are not in your favor that you will develop them.

Here’s the truth.

When you have a goal it is important to set yourself up to win.  If you want to connect with a woman, going to a nude beach where 90% of the people are male does not set you up to win!

Not doing what it takes to develop connections, things like growing your email data base of people to talk to or finding speaking engagements to be in front of groups of people who are your ideal client, means you are not setting yourself up to win.

Not getting connected with your money and the numbers of your business means you are not setting yourself up to win financially.

Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to spend your time knowing that you had first set yourself up to win?

I am thinking so!

I am committed to you being set up to win with your numbers, so I am offering a free review of your financial statements to make sure you are on track to win.

If you would like to know

  • that your profit margins are right for  you
  • that you are tracking the appropriate expenses to pay the least amount of tax
  • that your pricing is right for the services or products that you are offering

Reach out today and set an appointment for a free review of your financial statements and lets make sure you are set up to win!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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