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What Do You Need First?

What do you need first?

Have you ever taken the desert challenge?  You know the one where they tell you that you are going to be dropped off in the middle of the desert with a back pack of supplies and you must figure out how to get to city x.  What do you need to figure out first?  What do you need in your back pack?

Its especially fun doing this challenge with a team!

Each of decides which things are critical for us based on our thinking and our beliefs. 

For some having a map is most important, for others it’s the water, and others still it is the matches.

Most people want to see where on the map they need to get to – where is destination city x.

This is how most of us get started in business too!  We have a dream, a goal, a vision.  We are passionate about the product and/or service we are providing and the impact it has on our client.  We have a picture in our mind of what we want life to look like along the way.  The lifestyle things that are important to us.  And off we go on our way to city x!

S T O P!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not clear on where you are starting from there is NO WAY you will arrive at your destination!

This is why when we begin working with our clients the first thing we do is get very clear on where they are today.

This is what I call your Baseline!  It is actually one of 3 secrets to building a the business you desire and living the life you deserve.

Would you like to learn the other 2 secrets?

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