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What Did You Expect?

What Did You Expect?

Managing expectations, believe it or not, is a skill to learn.  It is truly one that I have been learning an awful lot about in the last two years.

Do your expectations set you up to win or to fail?

If you expect miraculous results with little investment of time, energy, or money then you are truly setting yourself up to fail.  The magic bullet idea, unfortunately is wishful thinking, and yet it is what most of us secretly wish for.

Here is what I have learned.

When you set your goals, you want to also set a plan of action.  In this plan, you will determine what it is you will do activity wise to achieve your goal.  Then, you will determine how much time and money will be required to do each activity.

Here comes the reality checkdo you have the time and money to invest?  Are you willing to invest the time and money?  What if along the way your results aren’t reaching the level you expected from the investment – what are you willing to do?

Too often, I meet entrepreneurs who expected everything to work perfectly the first time.  There is an expectation of  100% ROI for every hour and dollar invested.  Does this happen?  Once in a blue moon!  You know, it’s the overnight success story that you heard enough times that you finally took the plunge.

More often though it takes trying, and making a few adjustments along the way until you finally hit that sweet spot of momentum.  Are you willing to adjust as many times as it will take until you reach your goal?

I know sometimes the feeling of “when will the money come” can be overwhelming, so I recommend you stay in the question of “what do I need to do next today to stay on track for my goal?”.  Stay focused on your plan, adjusting as required.

Remember your plan includes time and money.  What do you need to do next to stay on track for your goal?then do everything you can to make it happen!

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