April 27, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Change, Numbers

We are back!

Talk has turned to re-opening America after four to six weeks of closure. A wide variety of emotions and responses swirl around us. What about you? Are you excited or are you nervous? 

It will be truly interesting to see how the world changes as a result of all this.

The economic impact is likely to last longer than the pandemic itself. According to one of my clients in the event planning industry, after 9/11 it took about two years until people were willing to be in large crowds again. She anticipates the recovery from the pandemic will be even longer.

I’ve noticed that people are a lot friendlier. Many have been alone for long periods of time, and they are happy to see another person. Smiles and waves are exchanged as we pass by one another. I hope this continues as we venture back into the day-to-day together.

There is also the peace that comes from getting our routines back in place. For those that were not able to work every day, returning to work is a gift in many ways.

This is a great opportunity to check in and see which changes you want to keep.

Were there expenses you let go? Do they really need to return? Were you able to get some much-needed rest? What would it feel like to be fully rested all the time?  

A businessman I met with this week shared the best advice he ever had was to change the model of his company. Instead of having 400 clients of all kinds and 40 employees, he chose to keep 100 of his best clients and his 10 top employees. Because time and money are very interconnected, he not only made more money, he had time to live more peacefully each day.

Did the forced slow down provide you with time to review how your company operates, who you serve, and how your team works together? Are these changes you would want to continue?

Any time change is in the air, I encourage you to run the numbers. What did you learn during this time off?  What financial changes will you make as a result? How do the changes affect your numbers over the long run?

Not sure how to run the numbers and examine the data?  We are here to help, email wealth@thecfoagency.com and Grace will get you scheduled for a consultation!

Embrace the joy of new beginnings.

In Abundance,



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