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Want To Know A Secret?

Want To Know A Secret?

What are you masterful at?

I am masterful at connecting business owners with their numbers so they truly live the life they desire.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people in business make is not looking at their numbers right from the start.  I think it is the magic pill syndrome that plays a part in this.

When we start out in business we all want that magic pill to swallow that will catapult our financial success.  We tell our selves we will learn how to track and manage our numbers once we have some to manage and track.

I will let you in on a secret – you already have numbers to manage and track.

As you reflect on that thing that you do so masterfully ask yourself, “how am I doing getting that out into the world?”  You see you have a great gift, one truly unique to you.  You also have hopes and dreams for yourself, your loved ones and a community that you care about.

Creating a successful business is actually a process of mastering a few different steps, and when done, is the best order we truly do catapult ourselves to success.

Here is another secret – for most of us it happens one step at a time and then momentum kicks in.  Momentum is the magic pill that comes for each of us who are committed to learning all the steps to running a successful business.

Learning to manage your numbers is one of those steps.  You do not have to do it, as a matter of fact I recommend you don’t, you just have to learn how to drive it.

As we are moving into the final quarter of 2014 and thinking about tax and we are beginning to think about how we want 2015 to look it is the perfect time to look at your numbers.

If that is a scary prospect for you no worries, I can help you!

Before tax time gets here I am offering a complimentary session – My year in review!  Often I can show you how to save money, find hidden money, and make some good tax decisions.

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