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Want To Be Part of the 94%?


When it comes to operating a business with confidence the area of money is one that most people feel ineffective in.  According to APQC, 60% of business owners feel that they are ineffective with their money.  The main contributing factor to this is a lack of knowledge.

Which is why most people will hire this area of expertise.  The challenge is hiring the right set of skills for the right time in your company’s growth.

So what level of support is best when?

Getting Started: Cashflow Management

Accelerating: Dynamic Planning

Established: Long Term Strategy

Uncertainty is a part of every stage of business.  Research shows that when you are willing to invest in better financial systems and data models, then you are better able to anticipate the changing needs of your company no matter what comes up.

We have been using Dynamic Planning with our CFO level clients for many years now.  Helping the business owner to have a better handle on what’s happening in the moment, so they are then able to make the appropriate adjustments now, to have the right impact for the future they desire.

You don’t need to be the expert at creating the numbers and analyzing them – that’s the job of a CFO… That’s our job.  Your job is to then take the information to make confident decisions with.

Last week I was visiting with a woman who is considering working with our company and I think she voiced it beautifully – “I want to live my life by design”.

This process is not for the faint of heart.

Being willing to strategize and then invest your time and energy in understanding so you can make decisions with confidence means being willing to truly step into the dreams of your company.  Once it’s on paper, then it’s time to get into action.  Sometimes things work perfectly and most times they don’t.  That’s why we created a Dynamic Planning System.  No matter what happens though, it is an opportunity to learn.  That is business.  What’s not to love about it right!

I for one know that growing a business is truly the playground of personal development, and money is one of our greatest teachers.

Are you ready to live your life by design?  By your design?

There is no better return on investment in my opinion than growing a company.  Be mindful when choosing support in this area.  The APQC research tells us that 94% of business’ that use planning and analysis feel effective in their business development.  That is a statistic we can help you to be a part of with our Dynamic Planning System.

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