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Want A Crystal Ball?

Are you the kind of person who wants to know the sex of a new baby before it is born, or do you prefer the mystery and anticipation of not knowing?

Are you one who is diligent about preventative measures, or do you prefer to address things only as they present?

Do you like the feeling of having insurance, or does it bother you to plan for the worst?

Each of these questions is a great conversation starter, and of course no matter which side of the question you resonate with your answer is good and right and perfect for you!

I find that when it comes to planning it is easy to land on either side of the question – do you like to plan or do you prefer to deal with what is presented when it happens?

One thing I have found over the 30+ years of working with business owners, and running a company of my own, is that the better I get at planning the easier it is for me to deal with what is presented to me and stay on course for the goals I set for the year.

It truly is almost like having a crystal ball.

You see we teach our clients the skill of Dynamic Planning.  The reason its dynamic is because we all know life will happen.  All those things that come along which we did not anticipate.  Now these can be things that happen in a bigger way than planned for as well as in a smaller way than we had planned for.  What will keep you in the driver’s seat is being able to make a decision in the moment that is supported by an understanding of how it will impact your future.

Sound impossible?

Last year we had 3 clients who created results so much greater than they had planned.  Not a bad problem to have right!?!? For each of them we were not only able to get them the right kind of support at the right time but we were also able to make sure when it came to tax time that they kept most of the money they made!

It’s the crystal ball that kept them in the driver’s seat.  If you have not enjoyed planning in the past and are ready for a new conversation reply to this email and let’s talk!  This is the best time of year for this kind of conversation.

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P.S. – This is the beginning of a series about powering up profitability.  For a deeper dive into all areas of profitability, download our 10 Tips for Increased Profitability.


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