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Walking Rabbits

Walking Rabbits

Have you ever felt pulled this way and that?  Like your arms and legs are all crossed in different directions and you don’t know which way to move to even begin to get untangled?

As a child we always had pets.  Always a dog and at least one cat and then one other critter.   Some years it was gerbils, some years it was ducks, and some  years it was rabbits.  It was always the children’s responsibility to care for the pets – which meant my sister and I.  Walking the rabbits was the most hysterical!  Yes I said walking the rabbits.

We had these little pink and blue harness’ and leashes for them (though I’m sure they were the same sex because we did not have babies, my Mother made sure of that 🙂 ). We would take the rabbits out of their pens, so they could walk (hop) around in the yard like real bunnies and eat the grass.  One day I decided to do it all on my own.

Well as you can imagine one hopped one direction and one hopped the other, rabbits are not like dogs so course correcting them was not an option.  In no time at all I was being pulled in different directions and eventually could not move at all.

I started out with the best of intentions, letting my bunny out to play on the grass with his friend, but my error came in trying to do it all on my own.  You see, the task was one not meant to be done alone.

I know as a business owner we can do this too.  We start with the best of intentions,  a dream and a vision of what we want our business to be like for those that we feel called to serve and for our self and our family.  However it isn’t long before we are feeling pulled in way to many directions, so many we become overwhelmed and just stop.

We know we need to market, to sell, to deliver, to create, to analyze, to have a website, to do social media, to…….  the list is endless really.  What do you do when?  How do you get started?  What is a good and right amount to invest and when?

Well the way I solved my rabbit issue was, I asked for help.  I called for my sister and she came and handled one rabbit, and I handled the other.  The same has proven to be true in business.  When we reach out to a coach who can help us know which rabbit to walk when for the best results, based on who we are and where we are in our business, then we lose the chaos and overwhelm, the crossed arms and legs pulled in different directions.

We are not meant to build our business in a bubble by our self.  Let me help you to create a plan for your business so you can confidently walk the steps without chaos.  stop trying to do it the hard way on your own.  You will be glad you did.  CLICK HERE and lets talk.

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