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Unexpected Wealth

One of the gifts I give myself when I travel is reading for entertainment.

With all the noise that surrounds us as we travel, I find that an entertaining novel can keep my mind out of the chaos and I can remain focused.

On a recent trip I was reading a book where one of the main characters came into a lot of money very quickly.  I loved that he knew enough to reach out for help, especially since this was a new situation he had not faced before.

The first thing his advisor did was to create separation between him and the rest of the world.  I liked that, asset protection is right in line with what we teach!

While at a dinner party the following conversation ensued:

I’ve been involved with a new client who has come into a lot of money and he is spending it as fast as he can!

Too fast?

Not yet, he spends it on worthwhile things like houses and estates.

Once the fog of great wealth burns off, he will learn that dealing with it is a full time job.

Yes and choosing the right people to deal with it takes genius!

This piece of wisdom is priceless!

One of the greatest “aha’s” many of my clients come to is the realization that dealing with money takes time and the more you have the more time it takes.

Even when you have a team, it still takes time!  You will always be the leader of your financial life.

What will you do when your win-fall arrives?

Who will you begin to work with first?

Choosing a team that truly has your best interest at heart, and is not just selling you something for the sake of a sale, can be a steep and costly learning curve.

This is why we encourage you to begin now to put the foundations in place for financial management.

With a foundation you can…

1. Begin to establish the habits of financially successful people.

2. Grow from as your wealth begins to show up.

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