Understanding the Role of Money
September 20, 2018 CFO, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Finances, goals, Learning, Mindset, Money, Money Principles, Wealth

Understanding the Role of Money

Each and everyone one of us have a different way of understanding the role of money in our life.

Something I hear from so many entrepreneurs is… What am I supposed to do with my money?

Well it all depends!

We come to this understanding in two ways:  Nature or Nurture.

Nature is the base part of who you are as a person.

The rose colored glasses, if you will, that you see money through.

For example, some of us love money, some of us hate it and others have a love-hate relationship with it.

Nurture is the impact others and life experiences have had on you. 

For example, I grew up in a home hearing “money doesn’t grow on trees” and I internalized that as I had to work really hard to deserve and have money.

Or maybe you had a very important person in your life who always told you “only those kind of people have money.”

For most of us these belief systems operate unconsciously, and create what I call money blind spots for us.

All of us can make good money, but it just flies right through our hands.

We are always in a feast or feminine state financially, or we just can’t ever seem to make enough.

What if you could uncover your blind spots?

By uncovering your blind spots, you would then develop a set of money guiding principles.

These principles would help you answer “what do I do with my money.

No one size fits all when it comes to financial management and investing.

There are as many ways to build a profitable business as there are businesses.

Unlimited ways to develop wealth, and pass it on to generations to come.

So what is the best way for you?

Let’s discover the answer together! 

At our upcoming CFO Players Club retreat, we spend time uncovering what color glasses you are wearing, and then tailor the principles which will guide you as you are determining what to do with the money you are making.

Are you ready for this kind of empowerment?

Do you think you are ready for a peace of mind knowing you can handle what happens today and tomorrow?

If you are a YES, check out what all is included in the retreat by clicking here and let’s see if now the right time is for you!


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