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Understanding Money Principles or the Rules of the Game

Your Business and Personal Reboot for the rest of 2013

This is the second quarter of 2013. We all get a financial reboot in our business and personal financial planning and growth.

Although the economy is slowly churning for medium and small business owners, and certainly for families, every economic indicator suggests sustained growth for 2013.

When you follow the rules and principles of money, your business and personal finances can grow at a substantial rate this year.

What are the rules of the game of money? The rules of the game that wealthy people follow – and many of the rest us don’t – have been around for a long time. These rules are not exclusive to wealthy people and you can follow the same rules. When you follow these rules or principles your business and personal life changes forever.

Some Rules and Guidelines for Business Owners:

· Having current financial statements

· Reviewing your financial statements with an advisor monthly or at a minimum quarterly

· Having a financial forecast for the next 12 months

For Your Personal/Family Life:

· Paying yourself first

· Keeping current financial records

· Having a plan for the next 12 months

When you follow these principles you can expect new results. Truly what rules or principles do for us, is they are the guiding ideas we use to form our behavioral habits. The first rule of wealth building is awareness. Many of us have developed a set of habits that may not be working for us. Often these principles or rules of the game are not something we can put into words. For each of us these principles are different and have come from what others have taught us and or from habits we have formed over time. They go back to the time when we received our first allowance or our first paycheck.

If an individual is unaware of their principles, their guiding rules, they can be making decisions that are not getting them where they want to go and they have no idea they are doing it. For instance, some of us keep a check register and some of us don’t. Some of us sit down and pay the bills each month and some of us don’t. Some of us pay bills randomly and some of us wait to the last pay check and then we pay the bills. If family members and or business partners are unaware of their rules they can be butting heads and never understand why.

As well, most of us never stop to look at the whole picture and how our daily actions impact that picture. When we meet with financial management people, someone like myself, who can help us to shift our habits to create wealth, then we begin to create awareness around knowing why we make the decisions we make around money..

I am offering a free business forecasting analysis and personal analysis to assist you in creating the best financial growth for the rest of 2013.

I have 7 available business forecasting slots available, and 7 personal analysis slots.

Business owners can expect: 

· Gain clarity on revenue vs expenses

· Understanding of your current financial statements

· How to use your cashflow for maximum gains

Your personal analysis includes:

· How to grow your money while getting out of debt

· A plan of action that works, and will end arguing over money

· The date you can become debt free

Knowing your why, your definition of what abundance is for you in your life, is the fuel for changing your financial habits. Then it is just a matter of demystifying these habits and rules, which have really been around forever and learning how to implement them in your life. When we begin to follow the rules and create new habits then it becomes easier to start the wealth building process.

When I am working with people we go through a series of questions to help identify what money principles everyone is working with. It’s fun, easy and painless. Doing this is a crucial first step for wealth building.

Contact me today by clicking on the appointment link below or call and to schedule your financial analysis. Let’s prepare for a better economy and make the rest of 2013 you’re best financially…

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