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Traditions and Beliefs

Traditions and Beliefs

I spent Saturday with a couple of my Jewish friends.  Sundown Friday until sundown Saturday is a practice called Shabbat.  My understanding of the practice is it is a time of unplugging from the world so you are able to go inside yourself and be still.  A time to connect with loved ones and celebrate relationships.  There is a peacefulness that I feel as they talk about it, and it was evident to me how plugged in our lives are.  Imagine not driving, no electronics, no cooking, no cleaning, no financial transactions, no….. for 24 hours!

While the peacefulness of the practice was very attractive to me, what I marveled at even more was the dedication to the discipline.   Here we were in San Diego, having completed an amazing time of masterminding and learning and we completed our training at 5:00pm.  By time we all said our goodbyes it was Shabbat, and so while most participants headed for home these women had set themselves up for Shabbat.

The commitment to their belief is what continually inspires them to practice Shabbat, no matter what.

What are you committed to no matter what?

When I think about business our results are a direct correlation to what we are committed to.  Are we committed to being comfortable and going with the norm or are we committed to truly getting our message and service out into the world?

Do we truly believe so strongly in the difference that we can make that we are prepared to be committed to our vision no matter what?

Are we disciplined to do the things that we really need to do instead of the things that are comfortable to do?

I for one am truly inspired by the dedication of these women.  Every day as I recommit to the things I know I need to do instead of just the things I want to do I will think of this experience, a true gift.

I hope you have been as inspired as I am!

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