July 15, 2016 CFO Agency

Time with Grace and Ease


As we move into the summer months, a lot of us like to put life on automatic and enjoy the weather and time with family and friends.

Do you ever wonder why some people can do this with grace and ease and why others struggle to figure out how to do this without everything falling apart?

I know it took many years of things falling through the cracks for me before I was able to make this happen.  The answer may surprise you and for some of you it will actually bring up some resistance.

It’s called a plan.

I know for some of you this four letter word feels restrictive. You may have created these before only to not have it work and you ended up more frustrated.  I get it, believe me it was a lot of trial and error before I truly understood how to use this tool.  Now I use it for my time and my cashflow.

We created a tool for “Dynamic Planning,” which is a forecast into the future that will allow you to see how changes in the plan today will impact the future.  We all know that life happens,  opportunities arise, unexpected challenges arise or results exceed or fall short of expectations, how do you manage these things and still feel confident about staying on track?

The answer lies in dynamic planning.

Let me give you an example with time (the same process can be used for money!).  I use an online calendar platform and one discipline – EVERYTHING is scheduled – NO TO DO LIST!  So I build my calendar one year at a time.  First I put in all my time off (this is equivalent to paying yourself first) and then I put in all my known marketing and training events.  Next, client time and team time are entered.  Finally, the tactics (actions) which will drive my strategies (plans for goals). 

Since everything is on the calendar I can see right away if I have set deadlines that either cannot be met or could only possibly be met if I grew three more arms.  I am being a bit facetious and maybe you can relate.  As a high achiever I often pack a schedule too tight, which leaves no room for error, or when things take longer than expected or new opportunities arise I do not have any “buffer” zone built in to be able to adjust.  The same can happen with your cashflow.

So back to our original picture… What do I need to be doing today to make sure I can cruise a lot more in the summer months?  How do I plan my time?  How do I plan my cashflow?

Nothing has put me in the driver’s seat of my life more than learning how to create a dynamic plan.  This is what we do with our CFO clients when they first come to work with us and then again each year at our fall financial retreat.   It’s not a once and done kind of thing, it’s a skill set that is learned through use and mentoring.   Once it clicks, grace and ease are experienced a lot more often!

We are hosting this year’s retreat at the beautiful Cougar Trail Ranch, from October 13-15, 2016. Our retreats are exclusively for those individuals who are ready to step into dynamic planning – and then take action – and achieve results! Space is extremely limited, and we have already filled several of our spots. If this is something that interests you, and you’d like to learn more, go ahead and comment below and let us know! You can also email us at wealth@thecfoagency.com. We would love to talk with you, answer your questions, and see if this would be a great next step for you!




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