September 22, 2022 Plan

Time to step it up!

Time to step it up!

In most families, there is someone who takes care of all the bills.  This person typically is the one to manage the family cash flow, make decisions on investments and determine which structures to operate in.

What happens when this person dies?

The topic of death, of course, is never an easy one and so too often the teaching of how to pass this baton to the successor is never had, leaving the heirs additional grief.

Just this week I had one very sweet young lady say, “I told myself – It’s time to step it up girl, and grow up in the area of money”.

Legacy is something we all leave whether we plan for it or leave it by default. The more proactive we can be in determining first, the kind of legacy we want to leave, and then second, the structures and training for this legacy – the greater the likelihood of our desires happening.

Some things to think through:

  1. Do you have a current will with an executor
  2. Does the executor know who they are and where all the documentation is stored
  3. Have you spent time with your executor to discuss your wishes and train them in areas they may not be familiar with

We spend the majority of our lives creating our legacy, missing this last step would be a grave oversight at a time when your heirs are already grieving your loss.

Let these conversations be one of creativity, they are going to happen one way or another so make them happen the way you desire.

In Abundance,



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