July 21, 2022 CFO Agency


Bank fraud is on the rise right now in a serious way.  It’s not a coincidence that it is happening on the tail end of two years of codependency and isolation. The human mind is an extremely powerful tool that we all have at our disposal and unfortunately, some choose to use the tool for behaviors that are only self-serving.

Theft comes in many forms, not just money. There is theft of ideas, theft of business, theft of personal belongings, and there is even theft of dignity.

We will always have the scammers and schemers in our midst and I wonder if now we are actually having a crisis of morality and values. It seems an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay is something of the distant past.

Where did the value of accomplishment go?

You remember, taking the steps day in and day out to improve skills and knowledge, accomplishing new results so you are consistently moving closer and closer to your goals.  

When it comes to reaching financial goals, yes there is sometimes the “big win” and more often there is the step-by-step consistent action that moves you in the direction you desire to go. I had a client tell me yesterday after sharing her story of theft, “it’s okay, we just keep giving and making a difference and it will all come together”, a great mindset to work with.

Those that take what is not theirs – I wonder if they truly believe that money will fix all their issues. The truth is money will only accentuate what is already present.

If you are a taker, more money will only accentuate that behavior, justification is a powerful thing. If you are a giver, money will accentuate your ability and desire to give.

As a company, part of our work is to help those who have a vision of giving to be able to keep more of their earnings in their pocket so they are able to have more money available to do the good in the world they desire.  

If you have a vision for good and service, you are the exact type of client we do our best work with. Let’s find a time to connect and see if we are a good fit.

In Abundance,



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