November 5, 2020 CFO Agency, growth, Money

The Value of Education

Is it something you invest in?

I believe education is the key that will open whatever door you want to walk through which is why I invest in it heavily.

As the leader of your company you are called to wear many hats and this means there are many areas of learning opportunity.  Yes we all have our areas of expertise, then there are the areas we are naturally good at and then there are the areas we want to delegate as soon as possible.  Those are the areas we will want to learn the most about first so we are able to still lead them well and not just abdicate the tasks.

I have learned from some amazing people and from some not so amazing.  The gift from the not so amazing was learning how I didn’t want to be as a leader; how I didn’t want to run my company and strategies I would not be investing in further.

I discovered that the clearer I was on the current needs of my company the better I was able to choose what education was a good fit.

As we are moving into the final stages of this year it’s time for analysis.

Where are you financially?  Do you need some strategies so you don’t have a huge tax bill?

Are your numbers helping you to understand which strategies produced the greatest ROI for you and which ones may not be good to continue in the new year?

Is it time to invest in more team and if so what will be the expected impact on your company?

Will there be new areas of education required in the upcoming year?  Will it be education for you as the leader and education for your team as they stretch into new areas of their own growth.

I asked a dear friend of mine what I needed to focus on to grow my company well and he said sales and educating your team, you must replace yourself.

I truly love this time of year, it’s when our numbers become the most powerful for us, helping us to make informed decisions for the next year.  Need some better numbers?  We are here to help!

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