December 1, 2016 Change, Dreams, Value

The Truth of Renovations!

Have you ever started a project at home and your little project is all of a sudden a big one?!

Ken and I are redoing the floors in our home.  They are turning out so beautiful and I am thrilled with the new look and feel to our environment.  Along the way though we have discovered painting that needed to be refreshed.  We also put in a new wood stove to add a warm ambiance for winter mornings and evenings.  Of course that then opened up the need for firewood and storage and new tools.  We have found places that  haven’t been cleaned for a period longer than I want to admit to. (I can hear you laughing thinking oh my I have those places too) And on top of all that, moving things around, we have discovered things that we just don’t need anymore and yet they have been taking up space for quite some time, totally unnoticed.

So all in all the effort has been worth it in so many more ways than we anticipated!

I find the same thing happens for our clients when they begin working with us.  At first the decision gets made to go for it.  Then of course the work begins of gathering all the things necessary to do the job.

Along the way, things are uncovered and or discovered that just have not been looked at for some time. Things like investments that are no longer doing a good job for you.  Or tax returns where way too much tax was paid unnecessarily.  Or expenses that have been going on for a long period of time that no longer give you the desired ROI.  Last month we even uncovered a team member who was stealing cash.

We also discover things like benefits that you didn’t realize you had. And small changes we can make in cash flow that takes the chaos out of your week to week or month to month.  We find systems that can be streamlined for a stronger ROI and pricing that can be increased with integrity.

We help our clients understand the time money connection and help them to get their life back.

Are you ready for a financial renovation?

I can truly guarantee you that the results will be beyond what you can imagine.  I have seen it over and over with hundreds of clients.

In order to get you started give yourself the gift of taking this 4 minute assessment – it will get you pointed in the best direction for you to start!


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