October 30, 2015 CFO Agency

The Thrill of Change

One of the things that happens when you are up-leveling your game is change.

I know… I know… Now you’re saying to yourself, “well… of course it does, Sue”!

In order to have new results, it’s imperative that you do things in new ways. However, what I’ve realized through trial and error, is that if you aren’t paying attention, you can get yourself stuck in old patterns and thinking… how’s that quote go?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

 – Albert Einstein

I recently had a situation with my team. I was looking for a solution that would be a ‘win/win’.  So I decided to attend a mastermind workshop, setting the intention for clarity, letting go of attachment to the answer. Thankfully, the result I was seeking showed up and it was completely outside of my regular thought process!

Had I not been paying attention though I could have become upset with what was happening – instead I was able to appreciate the moment and live with it, in gratitude.

As well, had I not been paying attention… the solution, which fell into my lap, may have gone unnoticed or ignored and I would have missed out on the opportunity for a ‘new’ result.

Why was I able to pay attention?  Because I allowed myself to let go of what it had to look like.

You see, I was surrounded with like-minded people who were focused on growing their businesses with grace and ease.  I have lived with the old story that in order to be successful you have to work really hard, a story I have been consciously changing.  So I asked for help, from people who not only supported me and my vision, but also had solutions based on experience.

The changes have not only been easy but they have been thrilling.

Who do you go to when you are looking for solutions?

When we are looking for solutions and what I know to be true, is it is human nature to look for evidence that supports our thinking.

Had I been stuck in the working hard thinking I may not have taken action, I may not have even been able to hear what was being shared with me.

The solutions you need for whatever situation you have in front of you are right at your finger tips.  The question is what kind of solution are you looking for?

One that keeps you comfortable or one that will pull you forward, the thrilling solution?

Letting go of control is the first step to finding new solutions, thrilling solutions.

This is the perfect time of year to begin thinking about how you want this year to finish out and next year to rock and roll.

What are your intentions?  Are you willing to set them and then let go?

I would love to hear what solutions you are seeking by the end of the year, and if you are open to those changes! So leave a comment and let me know!

In Abundance




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