July 10, 2014 CFO Agency

The Temperatures Are Rising

The temperatures are rising….

The temperatures this week are to be in the 90’s all week.  This is WAYYYYYY to hot for me.  I top out at 75 and can handle up to 80 but after that I am looking for a way to cool off and quickly.

It reminds me of when I was a child and running through the sprinkler.  Whenever we would complain it was too hot, my Mom would send us outside to play.  Often we would set up the sprinkler, one of those oscillating ones that goes back and forth like a wave, in the side yard where the tap was on the house.  We would invite our neighbor friend to come and join us because everything is always more fun with others around.  Then the fun would begin.

At first we would be really afraid of running through the water knowing it was going to be REALLY cold.  It didn’t matter that moments earlier we were complaining about how hot we were, or that we knew we would have a ton of fun and feel better after doing it (because we had done it before).  What mattered was the fear in the moment of how the cold water was going to feel.  How the jets of the sprinkler were going to feel as they hit our legs and arms.

We would scream and laugh and challenge one another to go first and then…. one of us would just do it.

Then we were all in and having fun, not even thinking about what it was we were fearful of just moments ago.

I see the same thing happen with my clients.  The pressure of low cashflow is rising and we brainstorm on the best next steps for them to take to achieve new results which will alleviate the pressure.  It’s like they are standing next to the sprinkler and wondering “how is it going to feel?”.

It is that place of fear where we ponder all that could happen that would be uncomfortable.

Here is what I know.  Find a friend, find a coach, someone who has been there done that before you.  Someone who has run into the sprinkler of business and is now feeling great in the coolness of sufficient cashflow.  I can guarantee you that the fun is truly on the other side of the sprinkler.

In Abundance


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