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The Shame of Money

The Shame of Money

Or better said the shame we feel about money.  I see this at every turn when it comes to dealing with money.  Do you find yourself in any of the following statements?

  • Shame about having too much 
  • Shame about not having enough
  • Shame about how you spend it
  • Shame about how you save it
  • Shame about your management systems not being adequate
  • Shame about not having management systems
  • Shame about what it takes to earn it
  • Shame about your family money picture being too much
  • Shame about your family money picture not being enough
  • Shame because you receive significant gifts from family
  • Shame because you don’t receive any financial support from family

The truth is this sense of shame comes from how we choose to feel about our situation and not actually from the money itself.  I know this is a very logical statement, we have all heard that money is tool and it is meant to make life work yet we still have all this emotion around it.

What does it look like to actually not have the feeling of shame around money?  The answer is actually simple, not necessarily easy, but truly simple.

In “The Entrepreneurs Guide to Financial Ease” I walk you through each one of these areas and give you practical steps you can implement right away.  The Peace of Mind that comes from implementing these steps consistently will be worth your time to understand.

You can find your complimentary guide here!

If you would like to dive deeper into any one of these areas we are here to help. 

We have proven steps in each of these areas that have helped many of our clients throughout the years.

“For me, I would say the biggest benefit has been to accept my money situation, for good and bad, it is what it is and letting go of that nagging judgment, the negative self talk, the woulda-coulda-shoulda crap no longer plagues me. I can make choice to make more confident, healthier decisions about my money because I chose to look at it and work with it and give it some love. I ignored it for too long.”  Melissa Waldron

May you truly find the peace of mind with money that you desire!

In Abundance,



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