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The Power Of Pricing

The Power of Pricing

Yesterday I had so much fun during a VIP day with a client in Italy.  A woman with amazing gifts who has a heart for helping entrepreneurs to get their message out the world internationally.  Her years of experience have blessed her with some amazing travel experiences which have brought her great joy and her clients great results.

We talked through how she works with her clients, what she is charging and what her profitability is.

As women, we often struggle with being compensated well for the work that we do.  Our nurturing side desires to care for people.  And here is the truth….

When we undervalue our work we are actually not setting our clients up for success.

There are some black and white truths when it comes to business.  AND YES there are always exceptions, such as the people who create results that are extraordinary given where they started from.  However, typically when we are building a business, there are foundational blocks that need to be put in place first in order for results happen much more consistently.

PRICING our work to attract our ideal client is IMPORTANT, not only for our own profitability, but also for the success of our client.

When we are priced too low, we may attract clients who do not have the foundational blocks in place to truly accelerate by working with us.  And the reason we do what we do is so our clients succeed!

I find that having clarity in what you are offering and whom it best serves allows you to appropriately set your pricing so your client is set up to win and you are valued for your work.  Having different ways your clients can work with you, ways that clearly meet them where they are, is best for most entrepreneurs.

I encourage you to think through your offerings in light of your clients and in light of the benefits your clients receive as a result of working with you.  Make sure it is a win / win.  If you are not living the lifestyle you desire I can almost guarantee you your clients are also not achieving the results they could be working with you.

I am opening up 4 spaces in my calendar for a Pricing Strategy Session.  In this session we will review what you are delivering and how it is priced.  Typically I can make recommendations for minor changes that can result in 30 – 60% increases in your fees that your clients will love.  If you would like to be considered for one of these spaces (valued at $497) click here and answer a few quick questions and we will let you know if you are one of the 4!

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