January 28, 2021 CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

The Power Of A Dollar In Your Pocket

I’m good I’ll just pay my tax….

I am always curious when I hear someone say, “It’s ok, I’ll just pay my tax” rather than being willing to take the time to learn how to keep more of the money they are making.  I truly wonder what that is about.  Typically, it is a fear based response to what they think the IRS is about, more myth and stigma than truth.

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of a dollar in your pocket vs the government’s pocket?

There is actually a good reason why we as entrepreneurs have so many allowable write offs in the tax code.  It is because we can impact our families, our communities and ultimately our world far more significantly with our spending than the government can.

Think about the last time you made a contribution.  Actually, I encourage you to look at every dollar you spend as a contribution.  It is a contribution to how our lives work economically.  What I mean by that is we each have far more impact than we realize when we are spending our money.

It truly breaks my heart when I see people pay way too much in tax.  You see I believe that the we each have a fiscal responsibility to learn how to use this tool called money so that we can build the kinds of business’ that are on our heart to build, we can live the lifestyle that is on our heart to live all of which is a reflection of the impact we are making in the world.

I know that is a big concept so let’s make it real.  You see we make money for something and it is never for the money, it is for what the money can do.

So my question for you is are you truly making the impact with your dollars that you desire or are you paying way too much in tax?

Typically when we start working with our clients we more than pay for ourselves in the tax savings that we find.

If you are ready to keep more of the money you make and learn how to make it work for you instead of you working for it, then let’s connect!  I know we can put more in your pocket!

In Abundance,



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