April 21, 2022 CFO Agency, Learning, Responsibility

The people we learn from

Being blessed by the givers of the world is actually a two-way street.  First, we are open and curious and then we are able to be a receiver of the gifts that are being given.  Every day each of us has the opportunity to learn and grow such that we may live life fully. 

Those who are humble enough to be open and learn and grow every day are truly blessed by the lessons of life and the wisdom that is bestowed in those lessons.

The flip side of the givers is the takers; those who live in the space of victimhood.  These are the people who truly believe that retaliation and one-upmanship are what will get them ahead in life.  That those behaviors are justified and righteous to validate their feelings of inadequacy because they are too fearful to live life full out and be open to giving, which means they are also not open to receiving all the love, joy, and wisdom that is available to them.

It isn’t often that a taker plays in my space for too long.  Quickly the negativity and woe is me attitude finds that there are not many doors open to that way of thinking in my personal space.  Whether you are an acquaintance, a friend, a team member, or a client it is quickly evident that I live in a space of personal responsibility.  For those that prefer to live in the space of victimhood, there is an automatic level of discomfort.

Many years ago I was blessed with two mentors, Patrick and Nancy Dean, who taught me what unconditional love was, giving me space to learn and grow and more importantly taught me that in life we all have either reasons or results.  In other words, we are each powerful beyond our current beliefs to truly achieve the results on our hearts to achieve, if we are willing to first be open and receive.

Living in this space is what allows for a life fully lived, realizing that we truly are “Response Able”.  That only we can control how we respond to what life presents to us and as such, only we are responsible for what happens in return, the results.  Knowing that we reap as we sow is one of the most powerful life lessons any of us can learn.

So for those who cast out retaliation on others, I wish you well.  I trust that the lessons that come as a result of your retaliations are such that you can truly grow and learn from them so you can move into a life of joy and love.  That is where freedom truly lies.  It’s not always easy and life is happy to keep the lessons coming as it rolls along.  

There are no guarantees how many days each of us will receive, may each day be a day of giving and growth for each of us so that everyone receives the blessings of a full life.

In Abundance,



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