July 17, 2019 CFO Agency

What Is The Money For?

What Is The Money For?

Ken and I recently returned from our annual visit to the “Big City”.  We go to Seattle each year to watch a professional baseball game, listen to some Jazz music and do some shopping. It’s fun being able to walk through the city seeing the diversity and experiencing its energy.

While we were there this year we noticed a significant increase in the homeless population.  There seemed to be a greater level of passiveness in those that had chosen to live this lifestyle.  Certainly there were those who struggled with mental and physical challenges however there were so many others just sitting in doorways watching the world walk by.

I know there are those who choose this simpler lifestyle, not wanting to conform to all that main stream life requires they are okay with the options available when living on the streets. 

We saw many tent cities along roadways; one even had a makeshift space built out of plywood with a tarp roof.

I’m told some of these people probably have bank accounts and family that would allow them to live differently and yet they choose to live a lifestyle and in a community where expectations are minimal.

One of our Uber drivers could not understand how people could live without a fulfilling purpose.  He was a full time engineering student who had come to this country from Africa and was driving to pay his bills until he graduated.  He left his family and all that he knew of life for the opportunity to learn.

My 4 year old granddaughter asks me regularly “Grandma why do people go to work so they can buy things?”  I think our young Uber driver was onto something when he said the way we live our life is fulfilling a purpose.  

How are you choosing to live your life each day? Do you feel it is fulfilling your purpose?

Whether we live a simple life on the streets or a complex life as an entrepreneur may the choice be one that is fulfilling for our life’s purpose.  May you be able to experience the things that bring joy to you and give to those who are on your heart to make a difference with.

As I let my granddaughter know every time she asks, money is simply the currency that allows us live out our calling in life.  It’s not the amount it’s the experience that matters and each of us has desires on our heart to create in different ways.

So whether you are building a million dollar company or you are living on the streets may your life be truly fulfilled!

In Abundance,



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