January 26, 2017 Abundance

The Magic Pill……

Don’t you just wish that sometimes we could flip a switch and all would be as we wanted it!  One area of my life where I wish that was true is with weight loss.  The truth is it takes doing the right things consistently that will ensure the goal is achieved.  Typically what those right things are, most of us are familiar with, exercise and nutrition and always mindset.  Where the challenge comes in is finding the system that will be unique to us for the results that we want.

The same is true when it comes to money.

Last week we talked about the 5 stages to financial peace of mind.  Once you are clear which stages you are in then you want to look at how each of these habits is showing up for you.

Money Mastery Habit #1

Pay yourself first

Money Mastery Habit #2:

Have written goals with numbers (forecast)

Money Mastery Habit #3:

         Track your revenues

Money Mastery Habit #4:

Track your spending

Money Mastery Habit #5:

Have current numbers (financial reporting) and consistently review them in light of your goals (forecast)

 Money Mastery Habit #6:

Close the gap – doing the right thing for you at the right time given where you are today and where you want to get to by when

 Money Mastery Habit #7:

Investing based on a right fit for you

A very dear friend of mine helped me to see the difference between a ritual and a habit.

A ritual is something we intentionally do with an outcome in mind. 

A habit is something we do without thinking. 

I have found that in order to create a new habit, for me it must begin as a ritual.  I intentionally create time and dedicate energy to an action for a desired outcome that is in alignment with my goals and values.

So for this year, if you are committed to mastering habit #1, paying yourself first,  what that could look like is making a money date with yourself.  Once a month  or every other week  you  sit down and consciously write yourself a check, with gratitude, and then you deposit into your wealth creation account knowing that those funds are set aside to go to work for you now, they will not be used to pay bills or take care of anything else.

I just heard all the chatter that started in your mind.  This is why we begin with a ritual.  A ritual is something we honor, we are clear how it fits into what is important to us in our life.  The consistency of taking this action is more important than the amount at first.  Once this ritual truly becomes a habit the amount will grow, I promise 🙂


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