July 27, 2017 Cash Flow, Wealth Building

The Joy of Cash Flow

Yes there is great joy when cash flows with ease so how do we make it happen?

Cash flow is one of the most elusive things for each of us to wrap our head around YET it is one of the most critical things for us to understand.  Often we are making decisions about what to do in our business simply because of cash flow.  Is there money in the bank or isn’t there?

This can leave you feeling very chaotic as decisions are having to be made day by day, sometimes  hour by hour,  as money flows in and out of your bank account.

Ideally you want to be making decisions 60 to 90 days in advance of when the cash will flow.

For some of you the idea of this seems impossible to achieve.  I know for years I thought it was.  Let’s face it life is always happening and we never know how or when something will come up.  We never know if our marketing efforts are going to produce the return we are looking for – either under or over – each presents a different challenge.

The number one system I have found that can truly put you in front of your cash flow is first develop a forecast for your revenues and expenses and then consistently review your actual numbers in the light of your forecast.

This way you can see the impact of what is happening now, on your future!  Imagine having this crystal ball that would allow you to make real time changes so that you can ensure a positive cash flow!

The crystal ball is really a system.  It is the most empowering system I have experienced myself and I teach my clients.  It is what will put you in the driver’s seat with your money.

If you are ready to get out of chaos with your money and into the driver’s seat, ready to experience joy with your cash flow then let’s talk and see  if this system is a good fit for you!


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