April 27, 2017 Abundance, Mindset, Money

The Dance With Money

Money can often be such a dramatic thing for us and yet it is one of our greatest teachers. For most of us when we are not taking care of ourselves financially it is an indicator of something bigger going on in our lives.

For example I know on my own journey it has been a great teacher for me in the area of self care. When I make the time to nurture my emotional and spiritual needs my business grows. Typically what happens for me is I stop the self care and dive in with both feet and then….. my business goes back to status quo. For me this was an exercise in frustration, until I was willing to dive deeper into what was really happening for me I was not able to achieve new levels of growth in my company.

The truth is all of us desire a sense of peace and security when it comes to money. We want to know that we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones and be on top of our futures. We often think that achieving a certain income level is what will ensure this happens yet it is not uncommon for 7 figure business owners to still struggle to pay their bills and not be able to create the financial legacy that is on their hearts to create. Until we are willing to lean into the dance with money and create a joyful relationship with it these results will never change.

The key to making this happen is being willing to be in the conversation in 3 areas. The emotional relationship with money, the spiritual or purpose relationship with money and the process of money management. Each of these are very intertwined and when woven together make a very strong core for a joyful and empowered dance with money.

This week I will share with you the emotional piece, watch for the next two pieces in the weeks to come.

Think of money as someone to be in relationship with, a mentor. When we think about a mentor the characteristics that come to mind are a teacher, a helper, one who encourages and supports. They are a collaborative partner who has our back as we stretch towards our dreams.

If you find that you are seeing money as the enemy it is no wonder that it is difficult to create a healthy and joyful relationship with it. I mean most of us would cringe at the thought of being around someone whom we see as an enemy.

Money touches every area of our life and we deal with it every day. We get to choose what kind of relationship we want to have with it. This is a daily practice for all of us, myself included. The minute we want to stick our head in the sand or a negative feeling comes up at thought of having to deal with it that is our indicator that we have shifted our relationship from one of mentor to enemy.

Choose to step back into the relationship of mentor and ask what the lesson is for you today. As you are willing to do this you will create a beautiful and easy dance with money.


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