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Tax Time

Tax Time

This is the time of year that everyone looks at their numbers in one way or another.  For some it may be the first time all year that they actually sit down and pull it all together.  I am on a mission to connect people with their numbers so they are empowered by them.  Think about how you will feel when you are in the driver’s seat with your money instead of feeling like it is driving you!

Somewhere along the way money and numbers got a bad rap.  I am going to invite you into developing a new relationship with money.  What would you have to believe differently about money in order to have an empowered relationship with it?

You see money is just a tool.  Learning how to use the tool is a skill.  As such, this skill can be learned!  That is really good news!  Since money touches every area of our life where would you like to begin?  It truly is as simple as picking one area and taking one new step!

There are many resources available to us to learn about money, so it is not a lack of knowledge only making a new choice.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than to hear my clients say, “It’s better than I thought” or, “That’s easier than I thought”.  Give yourself the gift of making a new choice and tackling money once and for all so you are in the driver’s seat this year when it comes to your money.

Another way to look at this may be “What are the prices you are paying not to look at your numbers?”. H&R Block has put together a brilliant advertising campaign this year “Get your Billion Back America”.  This is just one way in which you could be leaking money – not claiming all your allowable deductions or credits!  Is your piece of a billion dollars worth learning something new?

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You may hear something that will resonate with you so you can begin to take new steps!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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