Tax Preparation
February 15, 2019 Accounting, Money, Taxes

Tax Preparation and Filing

Tax PreparationTax season is upon us and The CFO Agency has an exciting opportunity that may be a perfect fit for you!

We have been serving business owners for more than 30 years.  Our experience and reputation for delivering exceptional service has prompted our services to grow, and now we are expanding!

Along with our done-for-you accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services, business mentorship and CFO strategic planning, we are now offering Tax Preparation & Filing!

Our mission is to empower individuals and business owners to grow their bottom line, manage their business with more ease and have a sustainable business that builds their wealth and leaves a legacy.

An invitation to explore!

Whether you are just looking to ensure your numbers are properly organized so you keep more of the money you make, or you would like to take advantage of our new tax filing services let’s get started.

We are already preparing our clients for tax season by gathering the necessary intake documentation and ensuring their numbers are up to date and organized for tax filing.

If this is something you would be interested please click on the link below and complete the Tax Engagement Letter.

Once we receive your engagement we will reach out and send you a link to have you fill out your Tax Organizer Forms. If you are just interested in us looking over your numbers before sending them over to your CPA click the link below to schedule a call to get a better idea of how we can best support you this Tax season.

If you are ready to have a tax season that’s profitable and less hectic, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Looking forward to exploring what’s possible.

Click here for the Tax Engagement Letter.

Click here to schedule a call.


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