Sue Thompson June 19, 2024 Abundance

In spite of the mess

It doesn’t seem to matter who I talk with these days there is a growing sense that something is terribly wrong and it’s really unsettling because no one seems to know ...

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Sue Thompson May 21, 2024 Change

Mother’s Day

May is the month of celebrating Moms. It’s a fitting month for this celebration with the birth of spring and flowers beginning to bloom bringing lots of color to the landscape. ...

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Sue Thompson March 20, 2024 Learning

What’s the money for?

Often we set financial goals and we are doing great achieving them and then life happens. Something comes along that is unexpected and income must be diverted to managing that ...

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Sue Thompson January 31, 2024 CFO Agency

New Hope

A new year always brings with it new hope. Ideally, we took time in the fall to put together our goals for the upcoming year. In those goals, we outlined what was to be ...

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Sue Thompson July 20, 2023 CFO Agency, growth


Have you ever heard the saying “In order to speed up you must first slow down”? This has been a message I have been hearing for quite some time and it just wasn’t making any ...

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