July 13, 2017 Mindset, Money

Summer FUN!

The 4th of July weekend my Husband’s family always has a reunion.  They call it the Pow Wow at the Creek.  It’s a time for some relaxation, the big horseshoe tournament and lots of visiting.

There has been a lot of loss in the last few years as we look across the extended families that come together, and for me that has been cause for reflection.

Time is one of those things that I know I take for granted way too often.

The truth is none of us really know how much time we will have, so valuing the time we do have is important.  Often, I find the way we choose to spend our time, is expressed in our money conversations.

I can because……

I can’t because…….

It is my hope that money is never the reason for not living life to its fullest potential.

Money is such an incredible teacher for each of us and if it is an area that you find is getting in the way of experiencing the fullness of your life then my question for you is…..

“Are you willing?”


Are you willing to get into the conversation with money in a new way?

If its time let’s talk!


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