January 30, 2014 goals

Stop Holding Back

Holding Back Will Cost you Money!


This might sound familiar to you. One of my goals last year was to grow my company.  I went in search of a mentor who could lead me to the new results I was looking for.

I found a great business coach with a good track record and began to follow her online to get a sense of whether or not we would be a good fit.  The truth is I knew she was a good fit already – now I was gathering more information because I didn’t trust myself to make a good decision.

By the time I finally reached out the program I wanted was full and so I jumped onto a lower end program instead. Missed opportunity.  How many opportunities are you missing right now in your life?  For me this meant I lost an entire year and it cost me a lot of potential income!

I am proud to say that in October of last year, I didn’t make the same mistake!  The training program reopened and I jumped in.  Yes there was still the “are you sure” gremlin in my mind, it was a big investment AND I am committed and I know I will do what it takes.

Where are you holding back on making decisions in your business?

Where are you missing out on the opportunities that could actually take you to the results you are looking for so you can enjoy the life you want.

The most powerful tool I use in my business is a good productivity plan.  It is how I have been able to master money and make decisions with confidence and clarity.

If this is your year to master money once and for all so you can truly achieve the numbers you are looking for in your business.   You are ready to have extra money and feel a sense of peace around your future then I’m here to help.

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There’s no need to keep banging your head against the wall when together we can organize your income or lack of money into a better future.  Let me show you how.

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In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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